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Now it should be clear by a fair bit of things, that I love stalker, I love the game to death, and I've bought -atleast- one copy of every game they've released so far. I've played almost every single mod from LURK to Complete, however, I do not belong to the Stalker community at-large here on Moddb.

I am making this clear, because, to be frank (yes I'm, aware of the fact making a blog-post about it is probably worse :P) the community seems to be filled with under 18 whining bitches who don't fully understand the amount of work it takes to complete a modification for the X-Ray or *any* Other engine.

So for those of you that've read this, please checkout the *drama* over at Lurk 1.1's page, and share in my amusement, the true community of stalker fans, the ones that actually understand how much work and effort holden & the rest of the lurk team have put into their mod, really wish they would release the mod, whenever they feel its ready.

Bit sick of the "wtf no jan 1st?! Jo0 noobs, fuckk you, I can make a better modd by stickin meh weina in da snow!"

Amusingly enough that's almost a direct quote from afew of the comments there...

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