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So, I've left Free Roam Studios. The guys are great, and I loved the work I was doing, but my heart wasn't fully in the project, as well as after June 14th I'll be out of town for a week or two, shortly after, I will be joining the U.S. Military. However between now and then, I wanna do a shitload of 3D!

So, I'm open to suggestions for pieces again, officially joining a team is..iffy, I will as long as they understand that my first commitment is to my physical training and effort I'm putting into being part of the U.S. Army.

Also my caffeine addiction is back, and my wrist is all healed up for those that knew about that, I ran into a repetitive motion injury due to the crappy layout of my computer and its position. But now I can honestly say I'm 'all better', even if my doctor gave me a massive injection of anti-inflammatory chems over a week ago :P

Now that I've sunken a bit of time into mastering edges, or rather, remastering edges and studying the layouts for normal mapping, I can honestly say I'm 110% better then I was before I joined up with FRS, and for this, I am eternally greatful, so if anyone is reading this could you please throw them a watch over at

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