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I apologize to everyone I've made WH40k props for/promises to, while I said I'd be happy to donate any of my work I never directly joined any projects. (Or atleast, no one ever made the attempt to bring me directly into a project, simply requested models from me.)

And I do not see anything wrong with that! Hell, I enjoy modeling, and I take it as a privilage to be selected for -any- project, but, I joined up with FRS/Free Roam Studios on the project The Hunted. And that's consuming a bit of my time, the time I typically set aside for 3D that is. And while I'll still be able to do some requests (and I feel doing work outside of the said project, is a good way of keeping my skills sharp), please do not count on me for anything project-threatening, I feel I can only maintain the lead modeling (props) position in one project at a time.

Again, I apologize to Arstartes Productions/ Ox, Alpha, & Chaos Master. I wish you guys the best I luck! And I'll be -happy- to help when and where I can, the project you've started is ambitious, and I don't feel my skills are up to the quality you deserve as a project.

To change topics, I'll have a flood of Image updates, Props for The Hunted. Hopefully. I have to ask if that's alright >>;


Ah well, Im sure we will get over it, even though those models you showcased looked awesome... *sniff*
Wish you luck in your new project then!

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