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Obitus is a Soldier of the Empire. He has incredible skill with a Lightsaber, using his as if it was a part of him. His power with the Force is commendable but there has been greater, yet he is the only Sith seen for at least a year with Grey Force Lightning. He is also quite the tactician, a trait passed on by his father who had made several plans to escape the slavery camp Obitus and his family lived on. All of them were never used, but had an above average chance of success.
Obitus was taken form the slave camps with several others, all of which were candidates to become a Sith and serve The Empire. At this time Obitus went by his birth name, Joden.Joden excelled at his trials compared to the other candidates, two of the seven died during their trials and the other four were not comparable to Joden. The instructor did not take a liking to Joden, all the way up to the point where Joden was officially declared a part of The Empire. He was presented with a Lord's former Lightsaber and sent to a new planet.

Joden was then given a his Master, Lord Hrynx. The two had a mutual respect for each other during their time together, mostly of Joden's fear of his Master's power and Lord Hrynx's hope to make a great Sith Warrior out of his Apprentice. The Master and his Apprentice did not go anywhere as partners unless it was for political reasons that Joden had the authority to hear or to slaughter Jedi. Joden came to enjoy the latter more and more over time, hardening his skills with a Lightsaber each time, as well as his awareness of his enemies and their actions. The first time Joden was called into his Master's quarters he was incredibly nervous, thinking he had done something wrong or a rival Apprentice had set him up to something. Luckily he had nothing to worry about, Lord Hrynx had summoned him to aid him in a battle plan. Joden had given his Master a strategy and it was used in a battle against a small clan of Jedi and Rebels. The enemies were slaughtered, only a small few managed to retreat from The Empire's forces.

Flash forward through seven months of political arguments and murder among The Empire, Joden was presented with modifications for his Lightsaber by his Master, as well as the new name of Obitus, presented with a mask that would be soon irreversible from the Sith Warrior as if it was his new face, a way to leave his old life behind. Joden accepted this and embraced The Sith, leaving his old name behind and becoming Obitus, Warrior of the Sith. He was later removed form his Master to become a lone Sith, receiving commands from The Empire but taking no second Master.

It was on one of his first missions alone, while fighting a Jedi and his Apprentice that he realised that he had a peculiar connection with the Force. He used Force Lightning against a living being for the first time, feeling the power explode from his hand and collide with his enemy, shocking him inside and out as white Lightning continued to flood into the Apprentice. Obitus had expected it to be a blue variant of the Lightning, but colours other than blue were possible. Obitus thought nothing of it, proceeding to hurl the corpse of the Apprentice into the remaining Jedi. Obitus then lifted the Jedi into the air, curling his hand to choke the man as he was suspended in the air. Just as the Jedi was about to lose consciousness Obitus threw him into a wall, then into the ground, then back into the wall until he died. On that day Obitus saw the importance of The Force as a weapon, a source of power and not a 'Channel of life' or any of that nonsense that the Jedi believed.

It was during the third mission that Obitus had lead a squad in that he realised his potential. He was not to be a dog of the Sith, he had potential to be something greater, something to change the universe and its many systems. He commanded his small squad of troopers with brilliance, each order he gave lead to the slaughter of a small town's citizens and to his small promotion to permanently lead that squad.
Obitus didn't want that.
The Warrior of the Sith turned his back on the Empire and found the Pentastar Alignment, where he became a Commander quickly after displays of dominance on the battle field. He had taken up the laws of the faction and it being neutral, but being a Sith had permanently changed him. He still has his mask, only removing it if he is present at a political affair. Obitus kept his name, finding it more fear-striking than his birth name. The Commander's Lightsaber still uses a red crystal, but Obitus wants another, one that will possibly not get him killed on the battlefield.

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