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It didn't take me long to make the adjustments, but I did want to make an even more difficult challenge.

But actually playing this new version is... not fun, the AI are too strong with 400% income.
Now luckily for myself I did explain that it was a nearly impossible challenge with it.

I think it stands true really, I gave it my all and I can hardly slow down the dang AI's.

Very hard is an understatement of the dang mod.

If I do make another version of Brutal AI, it will be after 1.05 is finished.
I'll make separate versions of it so that you can choose to play against brutals who use 300% or 400%.

Honestly 300% would be more challenging and probably not impossible like it is now.

You're probably wondering why I don't make a new difficulty setting or change hard to 300% and keep brutal 400%.

Well for the difficulty setting, I have no idea how to do that and I don't think it's possible.
As for changing hard to 300%, it would take a couple days of work to change all the AI's to act like brutals on hard difficulty. My mod does indeed affect the hard difficulty and it has a lot of hard specific things in it.

So for me to remake the hard difficulty would mean editing each personality to use brutal specific stuff. This would take a long time, especially with all the AI I currently have implemented in Superior AI.

My only option will be to make alternate versions of it and pack it into one download.

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