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So currently I am knee deep in exams... Things are looking alright though, and I'm bound to be finished and qualified by end of next month... (yay)

So far my life has revolved around studies mainly, finding some part time work in town (which there is still no success, IT is such a small portion of this towns industry, and quite frankly, it's all taken up. There are two catches behind getting a job here, the BEE (Black Equity Economy) which basically Afirmative Action for most of you, which I am not black, so I cant apply for those jobs, and then the other catch is to know some people... Unfortunately, I dont know the right people -sigh- So I am most likely to move away to the bigger cities where I do stand a chance.

However on another note, I have been contemplating a lot of the issues revolving around attaining a job in the IT field, and figure, perhaps I should take up another field? I have been getting back into my art again (still paper and pencil), so perhaps I could expand on that? Also, I've been trying out modeling on blender, wasn't so bad, but then the new interface I had to relearn, making it a slight bit inconvenient. Anyone have an opinion on an alternative field of study and work that can make do with my artsy talent?

I havent really touched my art and modelling in a while, ever since I got my new PC (yay) I have been fiddeling around with UnrealED again, On UT3 I have been mapping some "ART" like designs with no real gameplay in mind, and then also started on the Vortex Rikers map from original Unreal, remade with UT3 assets. I have read alot of queries on a remake of the original Unreal, but it doesnt seem like anyone is really touching it. But why should they? I have found new Dx10 and 11 renders (or renderers?) for the engine, as well as some neat S3CTextures... Personally I havent yet had the oppertunity to download and see it for myself, but have been contemplating doing a "revision" mod instead of a remake... So currently I have been working towards buffing up the levels from Unreal, adding more BSP and detailing out the levels a little more, The power of todays PC should be able to support it, but I will have to test it out with a few maps... Over all with new detailed Maps, and the download of the new S3CTextures packs running along with a Dx10 render/renderer it should look fairly up to date.

The only question is, has anyone been able to update the model textures like the weapons and trees and characters? Or I think perhaps just creating new models could be much more useful?

So anyhow... I'm not sure if I should do the mod or not... I will take some time after my exams to finish up these maps and take screenshots, perhaps see if that sparks interest in anyone that may want to take on the "revision" of old unreal....

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