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Okay so I haven't heard back from anyone aware of a mod based on the Seven Day Siege revolving around the Human and Skaarj war from the Unreal Timeline. Also I can't find any such projects... However I did find some discussions on peoples idea of how it went down, which mostly is based completely in space, I suppose this is heavily influenced on the map AS-Mothership from UT2004, however I don't see how that covers an entire 7 days. So I propose a more elaborated version of the story and base my mod on this story.

As for the story, it is currently being worked on by current people I have managed to gather, however this mod won't be an overly complex game structure that is too far-fetched. As for now, I think setting up the game to play out tournament style as UT3 story did would suffice, if at some point the project generates enough interest and attracts some experienced talent, we could sway the project away from tournament play-style and incorporate a modified version of the tournament rules to apply for a proper Single Player game. So far we do have someone volounteering to help out with the scripting for this.

a Further detailed GDD will be setup over time to fully cover the game play and technical aspects of this. But to make it rather clear, this will be more of a very simple averege mod, Not that were lazy, but it isn't geared towards being a game changing experience that will be new and fresh. As the focus and scope of the mod isn't geared towards that, but rather achieving a simple goal of learning the process of releasing a completed mod.. (Even if it is shit, some people need to start somewhere yeah?)

Anyhow, this is just me writing my thoughts down, this isn't really a document for the game, there is a more detailed version of the document and it is still under construction as we are working and reworking the story and gameplay as we discuss the game more and more. Once we have a final beta of the document, it will come up for criticism and the lot.

Anyhow, as for positions required, we aren't at that point yet to advertise positions, currently two mappers, a volounteering programmer and an author is what our team consists of... as ofcourse we don't have much to show and tell. But there is one crucial position I feel will be rather necessary even at this point or any other:

We do require a manager:
preferably someone senior with a completed project behind their name. Of course all senior level managers will have better things to do than actively take part in our amateur mod, so committing any skill towards the project isn't required, just the knowledge and experience to guide the project through successfully from start to finish, so to be clear, the role is just to oversee the project, and be a tour guide, guide the project so that the mod doesn't get lost and end up DEAD in a ditch. (and also this will add bonus to the moral of the team, knowing that we have this sort of guide.)

So anyone matching the description that wants to contribute their knowledge and experience, will be greatly appreciated!


PS: Since it is too early to create a profile for the mod, I will be updating my blogs with progress for anyone interested in this project.. Any comments, opinions and constructive criticism is welcome and appreciated throughout the progress!

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