Just a gamer looking for some games off the more well beaten path. Thomas Was Alone is one of my favourite games of the year which I bought on Desura before it reached the heady heights of Steam, so I figure Desura might be a good place to start exploring. I'm mostly a Web guy, however, I've been toying with the idea of picking up Unity for a while. Maybe some of the games/people on here will finally give me the inspirational kick in the pants to get me going.

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So more and more I'm getting a terrible attention span for gaming, and I'm thinking it might be because I've been focusing on the things I know about and know I will like. In theory that's great because I'm never disappointed with my purchase, but at the same time it's meant I've mostly played the same sort of games over and over. In order to test whether or not I'm burnt out on games in general or just a particular subset of them, I've come over to Desura where I think I'm more likely to find niche games and shorter more focused games.

I guess this blog is just to officially document the beginning. I might try and keep this blog updated as I get through some of the games, partly just because since finishing University I rarely have to write "properly" and it's an important skill to me that I'd rather not lose. I've actually already played a handful of games on the site but like I said, this blog is just officially marking a starting point really. If I do blog then it's likely they will be different (not contradictory) to the game reviews I'm leaving, since I think helping someone decide whether or not they should buy a game can be quite different to simply writing about your personal experiences. I wouldn't want someone to buy a broken game just because I found a way to have fun with it, neither would I want to give an incredible Mod like Black Mesa a bad review simply because I'm not very interested in the Half Life games.

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