I love to create mods with my friends and play mods that where created personally for half life 2.

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Humans = blue
zombies = red
other = black

Have you always wondered why zombie mods for games are so addicting? I have always knew why but maybe you havent.

They are so addicting because of the fact:

-you are trying to survive and hide from zombies while they chase after you.
-you try to do various objectives where you have to plan a way to excape or fix a sertin vehicle to get out of the hell hole.
-you get to pump led into zombies brains and see what happens.

And for the zombie mods where its player vs player is also very thrilling.

- if you are the zombie you can plan a way to scare the crap out of the survivors and maul them to death.

Most zombie games out these days have zombies with special powers, like left 4 dead.
left 4 dead uses various AI directors so that when you play the game over, there will not be a zombie in the same place as last time you played making this thrilling.

many people love to play zombie mods, but do they love making them? Making a mod for games isnt that easy, many people try when they dont know how to code and it turns out to be bad. But when people who know how to code, skin, and create levels can make a awesome game!

Half life 2 has many mod developers and many horror mods including zombie survival mods. There are some great ones including: zombie panic and zombie master.Counter strike: source has servers that where created right for zombies and dont even need a mod to be downloaded.So next time you buy a game, always look for a zombie mod for it right on moddb!

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