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RSS Astrobase Command 0.4.6 Closed Beta Patch Notes

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Hi Everybody!

We’re happy to bring you a Summer Beta Update!
Update it as usual from to get the latest version.

As you see from the change list there are quite a few new things in this patch. The two biggest of which are the top bar and the fast forward. These let you easily access key information at any time and speed the game up when needed, respectively.

Note: There is a known bug where some audio can get stuck playing continuously. If this happens to you, you can remedy it by simply exiting to the main menu and loading the save. If this happens we would appreciate a bug report on our discord server.

New Features

  • Added the Top Bar, shows key information at all times in the top left of the screen.
  • Added Game Speed Controls, you can now fast forward the game by pressing the icon in the top left corner of the game or by pressing your Space bar.
  • Added Groovy Effects while fast forwarding.
  • Added new Tooltips for crew/inspect nodes/books.
  • Added new Overview Panel
  • Added new H.I.N.T.S. Panel.
  • Added Crew Numbering to help keep track of who’s who.
  • More Music.
  • More Sound Effects.


  • Slimmed down the Omnipad meshes.
  • You can now skip splash screens by pressing Escape.
  • Fixed Rolodex Interactions.
  • Many Audio updates and fixes.
  • Improvements to AstroFleet and away missions.
  • Various balancing fixes.
  • Improved how the game handles different aspect ratios.
  • A ton of bugfixes and improvements!

Want to chat with us or other players about the game? Come join us at

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