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Many moons ago I created a small game called Swimmer. I've always wanted to remake the game, I felt it was a good game, and I even started creating a mobile version of the game several years ago. It was originally created in GameMaker and I was looking to make it in Unreal Engine for mobile and PC, but networking and other aspects prevented me from perusing it...additionally, I had other features and concepts that I simply could not implement on my own.

I ran several models and walkthroughs for various projects using Unreal over the past few years and conceptualized a different platform - ROBLOX. With ROBLOX I have a game with networking and server support already in place, and so have decided to remake...fully make in ROBLOX.

Having learned from my past games and mods I have made, such as Clyde Hopper's Trajectory (XBLIG) and Swimmer (PC); undertaking an entire game...all aspects myself, will be overwhelming and will see features lacking across all disciplines (art, animation, effects, programming, design, gameplay) inasmuch, I'm going to create the game with in mind as being solely the Designer. In prior efforts, I made all the art, animations, programming...etc. The game suffered for it, it was just too much for a single person...a single person who can barely program the microwave let alone an entire game. So I will be using market art, market will still require some coding, but if the initial launch happens and people have interest, I will gladly bring on dedicated programmers.

So the differences...

The original Swimmer was a campaign, with a story. The new ROBLOX version will be an open world level with side worlds. Upon initial launch, the main center world, Taffy Cove, will be a collection world where you can collect shells and get items (basically a giant lobby where the monetization happens). Then there will be a single player world with global leaderboard. And finally a multiplayer match mode players can teleport to. If all goes well here, eventually a campaign mode will be added.

From here, if the game goes well, I intend to remake my other release, Clyde Hopper's Trajectory, though rather than fully code myself in C#, I will use the Unreal Engine.

So, here we go, as long as the project is afloat, I will update weekly


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