Hello, my name is Jack Kinsey. I'm an aspiring game programmer currently attending SNU in Bethany, OK for a degree in Computer Science. However, I'm considering transferring to OU in a year. I actually have no modding experience but I hope to change that dramatically over the course of this summer. However, since I am such a newbie I am more than open to any suggestions on where to start. Right now I'm planning on getting into Half-Life 2 mods and then maybe work into UT3 when I have a better system set up. Like I said, this summer I hope to be able to at least get a firm foundation in modding through the help of ModDB and other sites, but I probably won't be able to do too much until mid July since I'm getting married in a week. Either way, this summer should be an exciting one! Feel free to drop me a line either on this site or via email at jkinsey0214[at]hotmail[dot]com! See you around!

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Hello World!

Well this is my first blog entry so here it goes!
I've noticed that I've been a member here at ModDB since December 10, 2006. And what have I done in that amount of time? Nothing. Nil. Zilch. Nearly 2 years just wasted! So for starters I just want to apologize to ModDB for wasting precious server space for all that time and not being much of a contribution at all to the community. However, I plan to change all that!

I'm finally getting interested in modding (although apparently I was interested on December 10, 2006 but that is besides the point) mainly due to the Make Something Unreal Contest going on right now. By the way the answer is no. No I'm not just starting to mod so I can enter the contest and win some money (like that could happen ha ha...well it could but highly unlikely). I'm not even planning on entering unless I catch on really fast and turn out to be some sort of modding prodigy (again...possible but highly unlikely). Anyway the point is that I have a new found interest in modding because of the contest and one of my professors suggested that I start making some mods to get a little feel for game programming.

My plan is mainly to start out small working with Half-Life 2. Yeah it'd be awesome to make an unbelievably amazing TC mod right off the bat, but I know that really isn't going to fly very well so for the time being my motto is simply: Think Small! I really don't know what I'm going to do to start off with but I'll be purchasing Half-Life 2 tomorrow so I guess that's the first step right, ha ha?

I'm very excited to see where the whole "mod scene" takes me and I'm open to any suggestions from any gurus out there or from anyone starting out just like me!

Thanks for reading!


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