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As the battles in the passes rage, a great force of power begins gathering in the skies above Middle-earth. Soldiers everywhere turn their heads upward, looking in wonder at the great storm above. In an instant, the world changes. New fortresses are built; others razed. Mountains crumble, valleys rise up, and most of Curunir's armies perish in the cataclysm. A new world awaits, wider and ripe for the conquest. One by one, the armies of Arnor move across Middle-earth in a quest to free it from the depravity of evil...

Translation: This is, sadly, the final installment of this particular war. Since RJ-RotWK 1.06 will change plenty and it comes out today, I decided that I would... speed things along a bit. So, I hung up my headphones and mouse and used the power of the Valar to make me win immediately. Thus, the Fifth Age of Middle-earth ended.


In other words, you just simply quit this particular match. *laughs* Will you be starting a new one in the new version?

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ithilienranger732 Author

But of course... I think I'll have something less ambitious than the whole of Middle-earth to conquer, this time...

Arnor vs. Dol Guldur, coming up! :D

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