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Rivendell falls quickly to Carthaen's armies: the death of Burzolog spells the end of the dark power in Eriador. However, along with Azog, he escapes the reach of Carthaen's rangers and vanishes into the darkness, reappearing on the other side of the Misty Mountains. Azog fortifies Isengard, but Carthaen's pursuing forces quickly eliminate both of them. In the far north, Arvedui repels assault after assault, finally breaking the leaguer on Mount Gundabad and taking control of the Anduin Valley. However, the intervention of the Witch-king with a large force of Olog-hai nearly spells the Arnorian king's doom. Despite the slaughter, he prevails in battle and secures the region. In the passes of the Misty Mountains, Carthaen and Argeleb destroy the goblin garrison, chipping away at the enemy's hold on Rhovanion. However, Arvedui is forced to pull out by a lack of troops and crosses over High Pass into Rhudaur to rebuild his army from the elves and men of the region.

Translation: The battle of Rivendell was no challenge whatsoever for Carthaen's army, who breezed through it without a single casualty. Unfortunately, he showed up soon enough on the other side of the mountains and took refuge in Isengard. I sent Carthaen in to rat him out, which he did in a handy fashion. Afterwards, I fought off Shelob with Arvedui's army and counterattacked into the Carrock region where the Witch-king was. Although half of Arvedui's force was killed by the combined force of their armies, he still won the battle. The passes fell without much of a fight, allowing Arvedui to pull back to one of my troop production centers.

Gondor, land of Seven Rivers, is now a land of war. Arveleg, along with Lord Elrond of Rivendell, move through Enedwaith into the northwestern Falas. They encounter minimal resistance until they reach Belfalas, where a stiff garrison of orcs hold them at bay. However, inevitably, the king triumphs. Gothmog, Lieutenant of Morgul, mans the captured Minas Tirith with the intention of striking at Arveleg from their. However, the militias of Belfalas foil him at every turn. He is trapped in Minas Tirith, unable to sally forth until Arveleg comes for him...

Translation: While my other three hero armies gallivanted around the Misty Mountains, Arveleg moved along the southern side of the White Mountains. He took down three garrison armies in short order. However, as soon as he'd left Belfalas, Gothmog attacked it. With no troops present but a single battalion of Gondor soldiers, I held off his army, built one of my own, and smashed his base. Arveleg's next target will be Minas Tirith, where he's bottled up...

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Screenshots are coming soon. =D

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