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Argeleb's army hastens from Cardolan, seeking first to cut off Burzolog's retreat. However, the wily troll attempts to slip from his trap, moving south into Dunland to break through Argeleb's battle lines. A bloody battle is fought: the King himself is gravely wounded, and all his guards perish, but the doughty longbowmen of the Dunedain hold off the first wave of trolls. A great host of archers threaten to wipe out Arnor's hopes of victory, but quick thinking by the tacticians lights the bone-dry grass aflame, burning the orcs alive. The timely arrival of Arnor's Royal Lancers seals the fate of the orc army, which is driven back, defeated, into Rivendell, which is besieged by Carthaen. Arnor has been avenged.

Translation: I recently decided to return to A Rising Shadow after a long time playing through campaigns. My first order of business was to avenge my crushing defeat at the hands of Burzolog. Argeleb's army managed it quite nicely, although he fell in combat along with seven battalions of swordsmen. Fortunately, my base survived, so I counterattacked and destroyed them. Now that Azog and Burzolog are bottled up in Rivendell, I merely need to finish them off...


Hurray!!! And you even had pictures! I'm so happy!.....

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ithilienranger732 Author

I surmised you would be. =D

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