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As Arnor rose from the ashes of the cataclysm that had devastated the face of Arda, two new empires rose with it. One was under the goblin king Azog II, a descendent of Bolg; the other was under a group of Ringwraiths who had miraculously survived the destruction of Mordor. As Arnor's forces spread out in all directions, they were met with opposition from these new powers. This is an account of the battles they faced to ensure the salvation of their country...

Translation: This is another War blog. =D

Captain Carthaen, most valiant of the Dunedain rangers, made his way south. In Minhiriath, near the ruins of Tharbad, he met Azog in open battle. There, a great struggle was waged. Carthaen's forces had the mastery at first, but the balance slowly shifted towards Azog. At long last, his giants destroyed the Arnorian fortress. An encampment of Dunedain gallantly held off the goblin tides, but their hopeless gesture of defiance resulted in their deaths. Azog pressed north, along the coast, as Arveleg and his army attempted to cut off his escape. Meanwhile, Carthaen regrouped and won a mighty victory over the goblin chieftain Gorkil. In the north, Arvedui drove back Shelob's brood thrice, earning victory after victory for the new Kingdom. However, things did not fare so well on the coast. With Arveleg's force behind him, Azog launched a strike at the very heart of Arnor's empire. Rampaging through the outmatched Dunedain garrison of Arthedain, he has attacked Fornost, the capital of Arnor...

Translation: I fought a huge battle against Azog's army, and, after a long time, he defeated me. Unperturbed, I decided to try to trap him in my territory. Carthaen ended up with a great army, anyway, and Arvedui won quite a few times. Unfortunately, Azog got through my lines, and now I need to defend Fornost against him. Fortunately, I killed three quarters of his giants, so he shouldn't have it too easy... :P



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