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So over the weekend I upgraded to a 24" HD monitor and finally left the world of 1280 resolution behind and moved boldly into the Full HD world of 1920 * 1080 pixels. One of the first things I did was start a match of UETF, and to be honest, it was a brutal shock.

First, weapon positioning was off in widescreen; about the lower 1/3rd of the weapons were cut off. A bigger problem was just the ability to see more detail; A level that looked OK in fuzzy 1280 * 960 looked desolately empty in 1920 * 1080; there just were not enough visual elements in the empty spaces.

I'm the first to say that graphics are very low on my list of priorities for UETF, but it was shocking to realize that UETF looks so old on new hardware. What are everyone's thoughts on this? Are you willing to play a good game with dated visuals, or is there a level of visual detail that just has to be met?


Pff.. I plya UT04 not beacuse of graphics, it's because it's my favourite game. I adore the gameplay.
The same is for UETF, but as I wrote you could improve some things, because UT04 looks amazing (at least for me) on new hardware, with highest settings and 1680*1050 resolution.
You should use the whole power of the engine (Detailmaps, Shaders) to offer more detailed textures. :D

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