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Recently my thoughts about jumping to UDK have resurfaced. Eventhough I'm more or less satisfied with Samurai Legends' visual quality in DBPro, I know it would look even better in UDK.
I'm more worried about the programming aspect of the game. Time and again I have heard that it is a pain to create anything else than a shooter with UDK. Then I see projects like Chivalry and have second thoughts. Unfortunately it seems that I don't have the team to move the project to UDK.
The time of our programmer is very limited, hence I'm doubling as coder and do most of the art stuff as well. At least DBPro isn't that difficult and I can do certain stuff myself, would that still be the case with UDK ?
I could try finding some new people on the UDK forums, people who would like to help with the scripting. But then I've seen how well THAT goes during the time I was looking for help in the art department (animation).


I could do some help with animation. Not join the team just a little helping out here and there as I have my own team to lead. I suggest switching to Unity and buying Chicken Shaders pack and Antares universe. This will allow you to complete what you need to very easily while the programmer can still program if he knows C# and will allow you to achieve the desired visual quality. The game already looks nice though IMO.
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Irradic Author

Thanks a lot for the advice. We were thinking about moving to Unity3D, but it would depend on the success of our fundraising campaign.
My wife would bite my head off if I'd spend 1500$ on a engine license.
It's just a large amount of money where I'm from.
We could use Unity free for the time being, but as long as it's unsure if we'll be able to raise enough money, it's not really an option.

By the way, thank you for offering your help ! It's quiet alright if you wouldn't be able to join the team. At the moment we are just in need of the combo attack animation(s)

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I'd love to do it. Just send me a PM. BTW even though a lot of people that really make something good with Unity use basic as the only reasons to upgrade are shadows and better loading screen. You could also use unity basic until you get funds for pro. Also for a game like this I'd reccomend using Union.

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I know this post is not from this year, but I wonder what engine you picked in the end, I come also from DB Pro and I have always beholded at your high quality graphics and overal great result in demos seen in Youtube, I hope you found the right engine for you, however I know as you said UDK is not so easy for anything not FPS like. In any case good luck with Samurai Legends, Im really looking forward to see more from it =)

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Some people is advising me to pick Unity as its free and theoritically easier than other engines, well I havent done anything in that yet so I cant advise that for your project but I hope you are doing well with it and let us know about it soon =)

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