I'm a college student in the US. I'm majoring in computer graphics and design. I do level editing with the Hammer Editor and a little Unreal Editor. I can do some basic 3D modeling/skinning and can draw. I also have some Photoshop knowledge based around graphic design work. Interested in a joining or forming a MOD team. Check my homepage and images for my work.

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I have been mapping for about three years now and finally feel as if I can join a team to help out. I've done quite a few horror maps and have started to get a good grasp of displacements and scripting. To see my maps go here: Twhl.co.za Just click on map link to the upper left.
I'm a Source mapper as you can see and I also do a little modeling and art.

I've got some time to really dedicated myself to a project and don't have much experience so now is a good time to start. Anyway, just setting this up profile up so I can start looking around and so others can get a hold of me. I would like to join up with some other mappers and actually stick together when we're done with one project or joining up together with another mod team. I would like to one day get into the gaming industry and hope I can learn a lot while working with a team. I have read most Valve Dev pages about MODs, mod teams, and how things can fall apart so hopefully we can avoid some of that. I understand mods are about making something for the team and for the community with the odds of success being against us.

working on:

Forgotten/Noir (trying to get this one going again)
Red n Pulp (communication just stopped)
Infested (he went solo)

Might I add I have nothing to do with these mods falling apart(most didn't even start)

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