Haven't been doing a lot of work lately, but I've been getting back on track, and getting much better at my work.

RSS Sorry Guys, Life Just Got Worse.

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Since last Tues day (1 Week Ago), I was suffering from severe lower back pain which made me unable to sit on my computer and thus not able to work on my beloved Starcraft: Source mod. Over the next couple days the back pain started to go away but a leg pain stated to arise. I walked over to my sisters house to get my back stretched and it felt like I ran a mile with my left leg and the other was perfectly normal. So I fell asleep and and wake up to some excruciating pain (Saturday morning) and not knowing what it was from. The first day I faced the pain by again laying down and with heat patches. The next day I went to the urgent care where they were not helpful one but (telling me my leg wasn't swollen at which they instead told me that it is natural for us not to be symmetrical). I had to go through another night of hell before I was able to see another doctor. On the next day I was able to see a more professional (friend) doctor that ordered for me to get a ultra sound on my left leg. Going around town with this much pain was not fun at all and then I was tested positive for Blood Clots all throughout my entire left leg not-including my foot. After That I was I had my mom drive me the the emergency room an hour away to Loma Linda Hospital. When I got their I had to wait several more hours to get re-tested and confirmed. I was committed around 5 p.m. and received several doses of morphine to keep the pain away. Right now I am currently awaiting for my blood tests to get back, and tell me how this has happened for my young age. I'm currently under more morphine until the pain subsides which it has not. This is also my first time using a computer in a week and I'm on my netbook. The reason I am sorry is because me and my team had a big update coming for the mod, that hopefully would've blown a lot of peoples mind but instead only having pictures and some test work. I have tried talking to the team allowing then to post all my work and unfinished work I did over the last couple weeks. I don't know when I will be healthy enough to work on the computer again, It could be; days, weeks, or even months.
I hope my team can scramble all the information and pictures to make this the best update yet. I will try to post some picture in case people thinking i'm lying.

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