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Hi there, MODDB, it's been along time since i posted any blogs here.
I generally feel like moore people read my shit over at so if you want regular updates on my map you should go there and subscriby to my blog channel.

Anyhow, currently im working on a 100% custom content level in Unreal 3, i feel like people have been focusing on using Epics meshes a whole lot now, so i'll try shake that up with a fresh level :D

The level is called DM-CoridorsofBlood, or for short just DM-Coridors. Yeah i know it sounds cheezy but thats the point.
Ill now give you the story behind the map.
So i have a friend over at GT developing and awsome classic style FPS, a la quake. So we fooled around a bit and i found out that classic style maps really have a fun and amazing flow and could easily provide alot of fun, without beeing to advanced.

So i wanted to recreate the map i liked most in unreal 3, he game the permissions and here iam. I have totally changed the visual style of the map tho. Its now a desert tomb (kinda) while hes was moore steampunk and cyber related. I dont think i have screens of he's level on my computer at this moment but the textures actually looks simmilar but i have updated them to fit my art style ;).

Anyhow here is some progress shots. The only stage i have left is adding some detail meshes and moore lights.

Current Build.

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