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About the expanded universe and its fighting spirit ...

As I was wandering on the internet looking for epic Clone Wars battlescenes for the Wrecked Republic mod (M&B Warband), I found some pretty amazing artists you might like to check for further inspiration or just as a Star Wars battles amateur !
(All the nicknames are Deviant)

  • ~simjoy makes 3-D arts, and his Republic LAAT/i Gunships are really bluffing.©simjoy on DeviantArt
  • ~PetuGee's work is more focused on the bad protagonists of the SW universe. His B1-Droid close-up is my favourite so far. Roger Roger !©PetuGee on Deviantart
  • ~PapayouFR has a fantastic touch in matters of atmosphere and lights. Just look at this Clone Wars artwork and feel the clones' dread as they are surrounded by moving shadows.©PapayouFR on DeviantArt
  • It's only a matter of time before the next assault, and ~Livio27 knows how to deal with that. Feel the awareness of the imminent and merciless fight as the AAA gunships patrol in the sky and the men take their last orders from their commander. Fullscreen recommended (see here).©Livio27 on DeviantArt
  • Remember Mr 117 space-jumping on a Covenant battle cruiser? Here's what it looks like with a Mandalorian commando, thanks to the imagination and the talent of ~panoramacon. Wish I could have done that in Battlefront II.©panoramacon on DeviantArt
  • If you like Gungans and droids, then you liked the Naboo plains battle. I was amazed by the talent of *wraithdt who faithfully transcripted the movie scenes into a giant landscape. Fullscreen recommended (see here).©wraithdt on DeviantArt
  • And last but not least is my favourite artist of the selection: ~ukitakumuki, whose talent has no equal but the amount of epicness his work features. I will let you discover (or maybe re-discover) him with a panel of Empire stormtroopers workin' for the glory of the Emperor like you had never seen before.
  • ©ukitakumuki on DeviantArt©ukitakumuki on DeviantArt©ukitakumuki on DeviantArt©ukitakumuki on DeviantArt

I would really recommend you to check those amazing artworks by yourself on DeviantArt.

For my part, as a Star Wars fan I have always been interested by the military part of the expanded universe; the thing is that nor the products like video games or the saga faithfully transcript the fights like I wanted to, which is in a more personal way, with unknown heroism, bravery and valiance. Those artworks are the instantaneous pictures of the expanded universe's wars, and in that way they can explain all what the movies or the series will never explain. Enjoy !

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