Hey Everyone I am Ray, and I currently am on the hunt to help, i want to be a concept artist and try and help spur any creativity, or help with any ideas and hopefully be able to make those ideas come out as some sort or artistic physicality. I guess this is more of a resume than a bio i think I'm easy to work with and i right now am not charging for anything I'm more just happy to help with anything you feel like should be put up as a visual to help you out. If you would like to pay me for any work that would be generous. As of right now i own a Tooya x Pro (tablet) and the program I use is called Paint tool Sai.I am not a huge fan of it though and i hope i can either earn up enough money to get and learn Photoshop. I really appreciate anyone who took the time to read over any of this and if you would like to hit me up go ahead and pm me maybe we can be friends! C-ya!

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