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We run up the now broken escalators of the desolated underground tunnel, Louis suggested we take the subway to avoid the swarms of zombies outside on the main street. Mersey Hospital better be worth it because it looks like there are going to be zombies regardless of where we choose to go.

Judging by the ammo and supplies around we are not the first group to come past here, so we must be on the right track. Every now and then we find a few zombies running around, nothing too exceptional. And that alone is enough to be worried about. After leaving the safe room we had an encounter with a few new types of zombies that seem to be stronger, and lets just say we have looked better.

"Holy shit Zoey you don't look too good girl..." Says Louis

"Ah yeah thanks Lou, glad you noticed" I really did look and feel like shit, could barely walk let alone fire a gun any more, but I didn't want to slow down the group, but I spoke too soon because thats when the shit really hit the fans...

"Ah shit guys what is that sound..." Asked Francis

"Reminds me of a Tan..." Poor Bill didn't even get to finish his sentence before he was hit by a slab of cement the same size as him, he didn't get up.

"SHIT RUN" Scream Louis, and boy he didn't have to tell me twice first Bill, then Francis and then Louis whole team decimated, killed, crushed by this massive Hulk of a zombie, a Tank if you will. I managed to limb my way back to the safe room and close the door behind me. He is still out there smashing away at the door, it's only a matter of time before he gets to me.

Okay enough of this, I mainly did that for Ryan, because we all know he loves to Role Play. So as you have guessed, I've be playing Left 4 Dead, its brutal and fun, and sometimes challenging and sometimes not mostly thanks to the AI director.

The above story is all true, aside from the fact that I'm not a female nor ever have been. The most epic part about the story is that before they fixed the bug about the tank not being able to break down the safe room door I managed to kill the tank through the door, rescue my friends from a tiny room and win the whole demo with 1 HP on Expert, that was no easy feat!

Tho like most demo's, playing and re-playing the same thing over and over is starting to take its toll as I know the easiest way to survive the demo. Myself and Rhea even managed to run through the entire game in under 4 minutes on expert (mind you no tank spawned). So overall I'm waiting on the release so I can really crush some undead skulls!

Most of you possibly don't know I've been sucked into this Twitter thing, and if your a member of Twitter let me know and we shall follow each others events like opening a can of coke, or even writing a blog (yea I Twittered about it so what). So yeah like always keep a look out on the site cos some very nice changes are about to happen!

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