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I hate having to change things, as a video editor once I have my patterns locked in I like to stay there, content with not having to move on to new things, but the programs I used screamed at me for an update. Fraps for example is a program I use quite often, as it is the main program I use to record content for the site, Fraps was updated recently to include a new codec and higher quality audio and video recording, how could I say no to that?

The problem being that the new audio codec was not supported by Adobe until very recently in fact, it was only supported in the CS4 version of the suite. Since I use CS3 it was apparent that I needed to update that as well, so I stretch the budget and grab the new suite only to find out that all my presets for my animations within Flash don't work with CS4 as the new suite has a different means of motion tweaking. Damn you Adobe! The new animation style itself is really good, just means I have to re-make everything again. Sigh.

So as I write this I'm not a happy chappy, the suite itself is great, lots of new things to play around with, lots of things are different like the normalising options and exporting program within Premiere Pro. It seems now that Adobe has built a dedicated render program I wont have to worry about having Prem Pro open to do the render which is a big plus for my line of work.

I guess all this is basicly like moving house, its always a bitch to do it but in the end your in a new house and that new house rocks. So I guess I'll be happier down the road when I have re-built everything again.

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