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Hello again Comrades.
Thought I'd take a minute or two to discuss the benefits of having a decent mod team. Now before I begin, I don't pretend to have the best mod team in the world, but rest assured, if I ever started my own independent development studio, the first thing I would do is employ my regulars contributors.

I'm not going to mention names, but it will not be difficult to work out who I am talking about if you decide to look into it.... and face it, what kind of sad life do you have if you do!

The mod was started by myself after watching a few films and reading a few books on a similar subject. I toiled for a few months, and then convinved a good friend of mine to come aboard as a 3d modeler and coder. We had worked together on a few other mods in the past and are a good team and personal friends outside of the modding community... despite the fact that he lives in the low countries.

I had a chap apply to join the mod a few months before christmas. After viewing his development portfolio, I was really impressed and obviously gave him a job on the mod. He told me he's applied to join a few months before, but to no avail (I have no idea why, and can only assume he never spoke to me). The guy is extremely dedicated, and shoots through personal strife to produce some of the best work that 1985 has to show. This guy is seriously on the ball, and knows more about 3d modeling than I do about beer. I decided to give him responsibility for the whole 3d modelling team, and under him it has blossomed.

Through this same chap, we managed to recruit one or two more lads, mainly from the colonies.... oh sorry, i mean States. Although he is a yank (and lets face it, it is illegal to discriminate!) he is a top bloke, who is also producing me a decent stream of high quality models, in good speed. I have just to mention something that would look good in my mod, and the next day without fail it is sitting nicely in my inbox.

We have another lad, this time a northerner, who again was a good modeler, and more importantly, brought with him the ability to compile his models directly to the source engine. Now this wasnt a major drama before, as we had people who could do it, but never anyone who could do the entire process. This brought a new life to the mod in a sense that he was getting prop models turned out in an extremely impressive time.

We have a few more very talented guys in the process of joining, and look forward to them producing some amazing content, but we'll see.

I have always been a person willing to give someone else a chance. I have had many a modder come to me without a portfolio wishing to join. I will take anyone who wants the opurtunity to come aboard, as long as they shows signs of improvment. I do not tolerate deadwood but completely appreciate that modding is in most cases a hobby, and that personal life comes miles in front, that is the way it is, and that is the way i expect it to be.

I think that overall working with a decent team, a group of individuals that show a personal passion for working on a story that i have put so much into, gives me so much joy and pride, that i cannot hide it! Working with proffesional people, dedicated, and so very talented, i dont think of it as a gain for myself, i simply consider it a loss for the gaming industry, who should be employing these people to work commercially.

Anyway, enough of me blowing my teams trumpet... the bastards will get big headed!!! :-p

If you want to be part of it then visit www.1985-mod.com and switch the TV set to forums.


Rock on!

Go team 1985! I think we need our own 5 a side team, could work....

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Hendrix Author

im up for it, i used to play 5-a side every week... :-p

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