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Commodore Malan Drayson

"I am not saying one should not pay attention to the present, but strategy is a matter of keeping one eye on the past, and another on the future."

Resource Born on New Alderaan and 30 years of age today, Drayson was the son of Viceroy Deimos Drayson,a well known traitor who joined the Second Galactic Empire during its infancy. As soon as he was old enough, he joined the Federation Navy during the war to spite his farther whom he had been at odds with for a long time. He’d learned that his father left his mother behind in the Outer Rim to be taken as a slave by pirates after the local Sith commander deemed her a weakness he couldn't afford his Viceroy to have, an order his father followed. (although unbeknownst to him, his mother had escaped and had since given birth to his sister).

What Drayson didn't expect during his time with the Federation was that he eventually developed a deep connection to the Federation and its ideals, despite a distrust of force users and seeing its leaders as somewhat incompetent.

"Looking back, I am unsure if my love for the Federation is a result of it standing in opposition to what my Father stands for, or if it was simply my destiny. Probably the former."

During latter part of the Cold War, he earned the rank of Commodore by demonstrating a natural talent for strategy and command; however, his career almost came to an abrupt end as he also had a talent for "bending the rules" and disobeying orders. He was assigned command of a border outpost far from the front lines where “there was no superior officer whose orders he could disobey” - Jedi General.

When the Cold War ended with the Imperial Invasion of Kinyen, he was reassigned to the Federation Navy in that sector, but was to his further dismay only assigned command of a Transport fleet.

In recent years, Draysons issues with his superior officers started to grow. With the Mandalorians taking control of the northern part of the galaxy and encircling the Mon Calamari sectors, a massive strategic disadvantage to the Federation, he decided to resign his commission and left. Even though his still feels close to the Federation and its ideals, he decided he needed to follow his own principles for a while. Malan Drayson was last seen in a TwinTail Starfighter, which he had “Commandeered” and on a course for Nal Hutta; some of the soldiers who have served with him claims wanted to investigate a possible Hutt Conspiracy against the Federation.

"Good men doing nothing have ruined this galaxy more then once. Even if futile, I will make it my mission to always do something."

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