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So finally here is a real blog, something that people may actually want to read.

We at Renegade X have been busy working on Black Dawn and future Multiplayer version, all of which will be stand alone from now on. Black Dawn is getting closer and closer to release. Right now all that remains are a few cinematics, a bit of bug fixing, and it'll be ready for launch.

I cant wait for that day to come because we've really built something truely special. It is a roughly 1 hour long campaign with some awesome breath taking visuals, fun and exciting gameplay, great characters, lots of action and lots of explosions. Black Dawn's secondary purpose is to help us get a good start on the Multiplayer element to not only test out new things, but to also get a solid foundation for all the characters, vehicles, and weapons so that all we really have to worry about later is the C&C mode. Over the years, this team has become experts with Unreal Engine 3 and this time around we're really pushing the engine to new heights.

I personally am working on the final few cinematics which will hopefully get done soon, whilst the beta testers are busy finding glitches and bugs for us to fix. Programmers are busy tackling those bugs so you guys wont have to live with em. Level designers are done with Black Dawn and are well into making new MP maps. Artists are working on props to fill those new MP map with. Animators are just finishing up with the new character rig which will no longer have the bulky UT3 character animations but instead our custom made ones which include full facial animation features for cinematics, and much more. And last but not least, fobby is being his normal crazy self.

There are tonnes of new things that no one is going to expect and we're all very eager to tell you all what we're up to, but that would just spoil the suprise. Dont worry though, because some of the new things will be in black dawn and you will get to experiance them first hand vs just hearing about them later on in some news post or something.

Anyways, thats all I've got for you today. I might make a few more blogs later on about Renegade X, so be on the look out.


- Lead Producer/Artist

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