Trying to find my way around the game developer world and see how far I can go without any schooling or expensive programs! :D I post videos and images and I hope to one day join a developer team. I did start a game with a friend, and it is now on hold possibly indefinitely because our mapper left us and we are not experienced enough.

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One of my newer friends has recruited me to work on a map for the JailRP server. He has given me a basic layout and I am hard at work on it. The thing that took me the longest so far was figuring out the information for spawning the characters and I still don't know if characters spawn with weapons or not!

As for the machinima, that is still in progress too. Two simultaneous projects undergoing at once. I am a busy busy person trying to make it in this mad world of developing. I will do my best and either succeed or get shot down trying. Spoilers, Hardware Store.

As for irony, I don't think the owners of the RP server even know I'm making them a map, even though my friend is an admin. It's silly and probably useless, but we shall see. They play on the same old map either way.

I'm also determined to make a good Obsidian Conflict Harvest map. No bullshit. You go to jail if you break the law, not stay out during curfew. Bail isn't 40 points. You get warnings. Make money easier. Impossible secrets are not impossible. You start out with the neccessary things that are made out of metal. Everything else needs to be build from wood. All the wood is chop-able, the bigger trees anyway. If I choose to make a mine, there will be a huge ass mine. Time it takes to get dark is 10 minutes, not 30 seconds. That's longer than a sims day, I think.

Well, I'm off to bed now! Rest in peace, sweet prince.

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