Trying to find my way around the game developer world and see how far I can go without any schooling or expensive programs! :D I post videos and images and I hope to one day join a developer team. I did start a game with a friend, and it is now on hold possibly indefinitely because our mapper left us and we are not experienced enough.

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Well hullo thar. I hear from a friend of mine that this is the place to start to get skills noticed, learn, and become something in life in the world of video games!
Being a small semi-experienced level designer and small time machinimatic-freak, I alas have no outlet due to my small imagination! Finding myself a team might help, I think. I am still learning, but I have done things and I know how Hammer works. I forgot to mention I am on specializing in Source games at the moment. I'd rather wait until I go on to 3dsmax or maya. At least Valve gives us free modding tools such as Hammer and Faceposer. So sexy. But yes. I will be uploading a video of my so far look at my small mini sp-mod for ep2. I don't know if it will be finished or not. Honestly. Also want to work on a machinima. Dunno if I'll get started because I am not a fancy writer.

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