Trying to find my way around the game developer world and see how far I can go without any schooling or expensive programs! :D I post videos and images and I hope to one day join a developer team. I did start a game with a friend, and it is now on hold possibly indefinitely because our mapper left us and we are not experienced enough.

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As for now, this is my line of what I am going to do, not specifically:

HL2 Machinima Music Video starring Doctor Breen and the G-Man. This one is most definitely going to be lucid.

L4D Machinima Music Video starring all four survivors in a sad attempt at a song for in game, if it'll work, shouldn't be too hard, just trigger a scene in game, right? This song celebrates that they are still alive.

HL2 Machinima Music Video starring civilians. Well, at least one civilian is in need of some things you'd find at Home Depot.

I will force myself to do these. I have some pretty good skills, and the stuff I see being released is flashy crap. It all sucks. This. G-Man has terrible lip syncing. No effort put into this. It's lame. I need to get something done.

The first video is being restarted, thank god I still have the map but this will be such a pain in the ass to do in the ep2 engine unless they fix the camera problems. I am attempting to modify the source code so I can use the point_viewcontrol properly, but it does not seem to work. I might have to just make my own mod. Oh, that's what I'll do. Duh.

Editing the code did not work. Not at all. Very strange. Source recorder works just as fine.

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