Just a female gamer looking for custom stories and other such goodies on here. I get bored easily so I apologize if I become distracted due to said boredom. I tend to sometimes play Minecraft, though I'm not that good with it. I'm also a Smite player and league (occasionally on LoL). If you want to chat with me, feel free to! I love some horror games, but don't be surprised if I suddenly turn tail! xD

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Thank you so much for viewing, I don't mind the lack of comments (used to it ironically). Anyways, I've been going through things on my steam as well as my desura...it's interesting how many games can be added that are non-steam. Aside from that... I would like to thank people for checking my profile, even if it is because of PewdiePie being in my posts. He's the inspiration for my continued gaming so it's to be expected! So if anyone wants to talk to me, feel free to send messages for suggestions or post comments anytime! Love the views, I would stress that gaming is fun so long as you don't rage quit too often [riiight]. I've had a few moments of rage quit... one was actually tonight cause a friend kept killing me almost right out of base [TF2]. So if you wish to talk more about the gaming, feel free to, I'm not that great at figuring out stats (unless someone wouldn't mind HELPING lol!). I will take any and all help :) and I will look over suggestions if any are posted or messaged. Thank you again for the 1,500+ views! It means a lot :)

Jenni out~<3

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