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Just a quick update after the girlfriend has been on holiday for a week, So basically I moved the build over to a Win 7 laptop I have, well a busted old samsung with no screen that I got for 50 pounds on craigslist (Yeah so theres an indication of how bad my current set up is if moving to THAT machine is a step up.)

Well it would have been a step up had the graphics card not decided to give up the ghost after a solid week of moving files, wating, testing, installing, modifying, I essentially painstakingly rebuilt the game from the ground up and was in the process of testing one of the newly modified levels when the graphics card gave up the ghost.

So back I go to the Win Xp machine, a machine I might add that I found in a dumpster...

Its a miracle I got as far with this game as I did on those two pieces of crap but its all I have, all I can afford. And when A free pc that someone left in a dumpster is all you can afford you know times are bad

So long and short of it is game is on hold for the forseeable.

I have no Idea when I'll be able to afford a new machine, if ever, I get paid minimum wage and can barely afford to eat most of the time, making this game was the only thing that was really keeping me positive and moving forward, espescially seeing the slow trickle of interest as people began to follow my twitter and youtube.

I was hoping to at least get as far as having a playable demo that I could maybe kickstart, or patreon off the back of in the hopes of maybe getting enough together to get some equipment capable of finishing the game but that looks like it may never come to pass.

I'll post an update in a few days with any news.


Sorry dude, that's really rough. But hang in there, you can get your game back on track!

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