BloodRayne was the creator behind Hexen:Edge of Chaos. He has been working privately on Grimm. Which is a venture into a game that let's go of regular FPS conventions and hack and slash conventions while it dips into platform type gameplay combined with weaponry that is only limited by the skill and timing of the player. Grimm aims to be a hardcore game for experienced players.

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Been working on implementing a new system today where 'stuff' gets to set 'stuff' on fire. The biggest ordeal I have is my principle of no SDK/source work, for the moment. And I should really start importing my base into a clean structure before I have too many Doom3 assets used in the mod.

The system is very simple, but pretty neat. I merely set a global if something is using a 'burning' attack. If so, it burns that something. Most of the 'somethings' in my maps that can burn are breakables, like barrels or wooden structures. I've been struggling with not breaking the continuity of the game by giving wood that burns a different look than other wood, but it starts feeling console-ish so I dished that.

The result of today's work can be found at the videos section.

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