hi well my name is lowe Raivio and thats my start of this profile bio. now i'm just a bit frustreated cuz it's the second time that i write this since it got deleted.. why did it got deleted? well i dont know, but i think that i most have by accident submit my details change. oke but now more about me, so well i'm a boy/guy/woman with a penis, that love zombie and monster games! thats also the biggest reason for me to use desura, cuz of all the mods to download thats about zombie or survival in any other form. But gaming isnt my onldy intrest, i love music and movies too, especially movies since i actually study film at high school. so whats my favorite film? well i rather dont compare movies but i can say so much that my favorite genre is horror. I basicly LOVE everything about horror, the thrills, the enviroments and ofcourse lets not forget about the characters(and i'm acually pointing a finger at the villians in the movies since theyre often more worked on) oh i'm at 1000chars now

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