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Is not easy, or even enjoyable at times! But we stick with it, right? The idea of making your own game, saying "I made this, isn't it awesome" is too tempting (even if you know how much your game sucks and the next one is going to be a massive improvement!).

But then you find the next bug. Perhaps Unity isn't detecting your hit collision correctly. Perhaps the particle effect is emitting upside-down despite the marker being set correctly. Perhaps you're just frustrated that there's a goddamn vertex limit on certain physics modifiers (computationally expensive? PAH. PUNY REASON). Maybe you just can't implement your super-amazing idea correctly because damnit the game engine just isn't up to scratch!

Or perhaps not. Perhaps you didn't design your models well enough. Perhaps you don't understand the code as well as you thought you did. Perhaps the fact that you can't apply that modifier means there is another solution to your problem. Of course, these kinds of sensible thought are completely ignored when you're busy punching your monitor. But you need to have them. So relax! Take a break (insert advertising slogan here)! Play a game or watch TV.

Never get frustrated at something for too long, because it'll sap your motivation in the long run. Unless of course you're a paid professional, but that's why I'm posting this on ModDB and not IndieDB or a blog of some kind! :D

Now get out there and program!

Gorb hates Unity 3D as much as he loves it, has two games development projects on the go and a number of applications in Java for messing around with actual, proper, professional games released by professionals. He also has the attention span of a fly.

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