I am the former Leader of NewGames Team.A modeler and Former Project Leader in C&C Generals : The Last Battlefields Mod. As for now, i'm also drawing Manga, watching Anime, and enthusiast on Modern Japanese Culture ,Now focused on playing Total War games and possibly mod them :) Currently Played Total War games : Medieval 2-Total War, Rome Total War Currently Played Mod : Roma Surrectum 2.6 , Europa Barbarorum 2

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So, hello Moddb!

It's been 5 years since i'm signing up as a member in Moddb. The first thing that was caught me in here was C&C Generals Zero Hour and all of it's impressive mods like Shockwave, etc.
Yet, i'm still a middle schooler back then...i just want to talk with the developer of C&C Shockwave, and well...no response.
So, there came my idea to start modding it myself, 1 year of struggle, and i can advance my modding capabilities quite fast, but now it's need to be stopped since i have a work to do now.

This recent time, i'm spending my time mostly on my job, it's from 8 am to 5 pm.
My hobby now are mostly dominated by Modern Japanese Culture, such as Manga, Anime, and those Japanese songs.
I don't know, but after i got playing Total War games, playing C&C doesn't give me the same hypes as i have before...but, i'm trying it when i'm bored with Total War too.

So, from now on i will still active as a normal member of Moddb, you can get some of my material free public mod files which i will upload soon. So, my works will be used by the community from time to time.

Well, let's get along from now on!

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