I have been an avid gamer for as long as I can remember. The audio from the games of my youth is what inspired me down the path of a composer & sound designer; as a result it has always been my passion to bring video games to life through their sounds. The music in games such as Final Fantasy VII, Mechwarrior 3 and Front Mission 3 have always captivated me along with the incredible sound design in titles such as Fallout 3 & the Armored Core series. The concept of audio subtlely immersing a player into an environment, providing those with the narrative and context to truly enjoy an experience is one that still gets me incredibly motivated every time I acknowledge it. As a strongly driven individual I strive to bring a high standard of enthusiasm and creative thinking to any task at hand. I believe that my skills in both sound design and music composition provide me with a unique opportunity for creating the most consistent & tailored sound experience possible by producing in parallel.

Report RSS Woah woah woah, a return.

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Well... not really a return more so as a not "I'm not ghosting anymore, I'm public again!"
So what has been going on? Well, I've started a record label since the last post I've made on this. A lot of stuff has happened really, any of the mods I was working on either got a C&D or just plain out died.

Except one.

Yes, the one that got the most attention in the first place! FFVII: Mako Dawn, Mako Dusk.A pretty odd few days over there altogether but everything is back on track with a much better work ethic overall. We're restructuring and setting up a system to ensure that this mod is finally on rails!
If we programmed in Ruby that would be a pun, but we don't huzzah!

So I'm still a composer, hweh hweh hweh.
My music has definitely taken on a much more professional sound and I'm much more confident in my abilities. I've also learned the most important tool for any composer in the profession: Being able to write on demand! This allows for a much vaster work flow from myself, as opposed to the old noobish ways of waiting for inspiration I simply batter sheet music, kick it while it's down and shout profanities at it until it has the require piece that I need on it.

Every composer should learn that trick of the trade, apparently Mozart invented but we all know it was Churck Norris. HUZZAH! HOW ARE YOU?
In the meantime feel free to take a nose around my label "Electronic Intervals" new site along with my main sites for music promotion and general listening dallying:


Have a great day, week, month etc RIGHT NOW?

Anyhow, really though, smile and have a good day. Chat you all later!Keep modding, keep playing and feel free to request any music or dodgy one liners from me at anytime!

Except 3 o clock. NEVER 3.

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