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What is Lobby?

Lobby - A Social Experiment

It seems that in today's world communication with those around us has become ever more simple and "dime a dozen" social networks have appeared everywhere. Yet all of these communication platforms are missing something very important, to make communicating with those around you simple.The idea came to me around 7 months ago when I was sitting in class watching fellow students using social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. It was then that I started to realize that many of the people they talk to, follow, or even glance at are either many miles away or strangers to them. It was at this moment Lobby was born.Unlike many of the current social networks used today, Lobby takes the approach of communication differently. Users download the app onto a supported device, create an account, and are instantly able to communicate with everyone else around them who has also downloaded Lobby. They can view everyone in their surrounding area, send messages, and even view how compatible they are based on commonly shared 'likes'. The main purpose for Lobby is to allow users to join or create 'lobbies' to communicate with others in their local proximity. From there all the joined users can talk to each other on anything, such as every student in a school being able to talk to every other person there. Lobby is communication with the people around you simplified.Here is our Goal

Our Goal

After much research into mobile app development and receiving many quotes from different companies the goal to create Lobby is $10,000. Even if we are unable to meet this goal any and all funds raised go straight into app development. Remaining funds will help to fund servers and possibly with advertising the app's launch. Lobby will be free for all to download and use!Contributers of just $1 will receive an advertisement free version of the app providing that we receive enough information from you to send it. If you are wishing to donate more you can qualify to become an alpha and/or beta tester!We want to change the world

Or at the least, how it communicates.

Lobby is the future of social networking. As of now it is somewhat difficult to communicate with every person around you, especially as a large group. Imagine the ability to go to any public place (mall, airport, movie theater, etc.) and be connected to everyone there whether it's asking for a good resturant to eat at or seeing how compatible you are with the cute girl a few feet away. The possibilities with Lobby are endless.

  • View and connect to every person around you without needing to know usernames or emails.
  • Send messages to keep in touch after you leave the local area.
  • View your compatibility with those around you based on commonly shared 'likes'.
  • Communicate in large groups like never before.

It's time to change how our world communicates.Spread the word

Other Ways You Can Help

Can't contribute money? That's okay, you can still help!

  • Get out there and spread the word about Lobby! The more people that know about our project the more likely it will be a success.
  • Indiegogo has share tools that can make spreading the word even easier, make sure to check it out!

Thank you everyone for your contributions, support, and encouragement!

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