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To all modders in Moddb:

This is a quote from Massive's World in Conflict forums, for more information acess

"Modders Against Dumb Corporate A$$ Tards.

Requirements for enlistment:
1. You can't be happy about this: []
2. You will do anything in ur power to stop anyone from Massive or Sierra Entertainment from losing their job over this.
3. You and all members including the founder will put their egos aside to create a money maker for World In Conflict that can't be ignored or swept aside. If the merger goes through and they do decide to discontinue SA or support for WIC, then we'll make them wish they didn't when sales for WIC spike because we together made a great mod or got people to realize how good of a game WIC is. (Over Ambitious? "We think not!")
4. You don't have to be a modder to join, but u must do something to help the cause whether its write letters to Blizzard, come up with ideas to prevent a worse case scenario, test this combined mod, tell ur friends to buy this game, or just plain raise hell about them even thinking about doing something so stupid. (But do it politely;)

I've never seen such good customer service and help from a game company before, and I don't want it to die. Do u? These people go out of their way to hear us complain and moan, but they bend over backwards giving us help when we need it.

Selling out is hard to prevent in this economy, but its corporate and bureaucratic leadership that's got us in this mess. Make a broad statement that this tardedness can not go on.

I've seen speculators drive up oil prices, which causes prices of other goods to go up, which causes more inflation. I've seen a President lower taxes knowing damn well he was going to war (deflates the value of the dollar because we owe everyone else money, which also helps ruin the economy). I've seen home appraisers go into nice neighbor hoods and look at how many people are foreclosing on their homes in this shitty economy, then turn around and appraise values even lower causing more people to end up foreclosing on their homes because they can't refinance. They're perpetuating the downward spiral with their stupidity. I've seen monopolies form that end up in the long run trying to push crappy overpriced products on us. Microsoft pushing Vista right now is a prime example, and u must agree the software is not worth the price. I've seen the head of the Federal Reserve release more paper into the economy, which causes more inflation in the long run.

I've seen enough mistakes from leadership all across the board. Its like we hit an 8 year tarded streak. Why not do something about this specific case?

I'm willing to drop my mod and put my head together with some other great modders to see if we can make something that would be too great for them simply to let go." from madmonk777

If you would like to help us, please contact me on PM or madmonk or qsito.

That's all,



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