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It was funny when i came up with the idea. I was almost sleeping, then a movie started (the movie was Infecteds, or something like that). The movie was awesome, it was about an infection that devasted the planet (just like th other billions of movies about that), the history was a crap, nothing was explained about the "infection". I did not know how it started, why, where and when. Then, i started to think how the movie could have been if the history was better.
Anyway, the initial idea was JUST LIKE THE MOVIE, but with the facts and all, but then i've remembered that there where tons of movies and games about that. So i had to think about something new, revolutionary. I started to change the "freaking retarded zombies" to rational monsters, that could think and learn, like normal humans (almost, hehe). Then i had to think on a better introduction, then i got something that was done by the nature (not like those movies, where a men create it). I've created more details to the introduction, like facts and all, trying to be the more "science-correct' possible. After a lot of thing just floating on my mind (all that on a single night (:) i realized that this was at least a decent game "Concept". Quickly, i got some paper and a pen, then started to write (and even making some kind of drawing about all that was floating on my mind). On the next day, i started to make more details... Anyway, i still getting more ideas, and cool things.

I want to make people see, that anyone (even a KID like me) can make a good think, just thinking, and being creative. Because of all those horrible movies and games about zombies, infections and etc, any thing related to it is automatically classified "JUNK". I want to change that, and and do justice to the old adage "Never judge a book by its cover".
I know i talk a lot, and most of the things that i talk is almost ununderstandable, but that's the way my mind works (:

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