NOTE: guys, moddb is dead for me, fucking dictator admins removed some of my contents + removed my rights to upload anything and comment anything, so i can NOT upload anything anymore or commenting anything anymore... the admins told me that the reason is : this is a gaming site.. well @admins : then why is yuri that zionist bastard able to post political things ?! fuck u admins !

Report RSS to the admins

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who and why the fuck does the admins take out my pictures that are against israhell ?!
what is the reason for that ?!

here on moddb, there are users who are racists and write racists/fascists comments and they do NOT!!!! get any warning nor theyr account get banned NOR theyr comments will be removed, same goes for theyr pictures !!!

also , you didn´t deleted my pictures before, why now ?

the admin who delete my pictures etc... please contact me private !!!

EDIT: sorry guys i can not upload any pictures or videos anymore.....
admins took away my rights....
admins are dictators....


To be fair, the Terms of Use say it pretty clearly:

"[...]comments of a bigotry nature (derogatory towards race, religion, gender or sexual preference)"[...]" will not be tolerated".
"Indie DB moderators retain the right to remove any content from personal and gaming profiles in breach of the above and will deal with the member responsible in the manner they deem necessary.".

So yes, we have freedom of speech, but we also must respect the Terms of Use we agreed to - it's there in order to help the community.
But of course, everyone must respect them, so if the users with racist/fascist comments you mentioned still post something that's against the Terms of Use, you are free to report them. It may take a while for the admins to take action, since all this is done manually, but they'll be taken care of eventually.

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FreeIntlArmy Author

still, they took away my rights to upload anything instead of warning me, **** these admins....

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Reading the Terms of Use should suffice as a warning. Maybe if you wrote more politely, you'd be given a warning instead, but you seem to be insulting someone in nearly every blog post of yours. If you want to contact them, you can send them an e-mail, but I doubt they'll get notified via a blog post.
They're just doing their job, and I believe it's for the better if there's someone making sure the community doesn't lose itself in hate posts. That goes for you, as well as the others you mentioned, which I suggest you report immediately. Racism is prohibited, not only for you, but for every single user on this site, and this should stay that way.

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