Well, I live in Sweden, But my parents are from China and Finland. So I am not really Swedish. Anyway I like mods, and my current project is Lonewolf mod, I am a beta tester but I am trying to help as best as I can since my modding skills are very few. I know how to do a minor skin, not a piece of art, I know how to code in CnC and Bfme series. But I may learn new codes in other places, I have done a little modeling, mainly just ripping and resizing.

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visit the mod here :



The Lone Wolf Mod
a mod for

the Lord of the Rings
Battle for Middle Earth.

-This mod adds 10 new Factions to the game as well as changing the existing factions.
-This mod also adds hundreds of new units,buildings and heroes to the game.
-The Command Point Limit has been increased by 10 times and the starting money has gone up to 10000-20000 (not sure on that yet)
-Lone Wolf introduces new play elements to the game including the new building plots called Havens and Watchtowers.
-These new plots allow for a more strategy as these Plots become place of power and can greatly influence the battle.
-The mod also gives the game a new look with a new Morgul green colour scheme and a new shell map.
-Lone Wolf when released will have have multiple Shell maps to choose from available to download.
-On top of all this the mod also introduces many bonus units,structures and heroes to help Map makers create more exciting Maps.
-Every faction has AI with the existing factions updated.
-Finally the mod introduces new unit types to the game as well as the Fighter,Archer,Cavalry and Pike types this mod brings in Shieldbearers,Support,Scout/Stealth and Elite.
-I'll explain some of the changes more fully below.

This mod will have 2 versions one with the full installation including the colour change for the menu screens the other without.


Radspakr - Mod Leader, Coder, Modeler, Skinner, mapper (mainly)

UltimateRanger -beta tester
IthilienRanger732 -beta tester
Taralom - beta tester
Rjorrin28 - beta tester
Fishbone - (ME Micom1318) beta tester
Ring of Fate -beta tester
Spartan184 - mapper
DIGI_Byte - Modeler (mainly)

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