I'm a game developer for a game company in Iceland called Gogogic, I'm a member of the Icelandic Gaming Industry and I'm the ModDB manager of Forgotten Hope 2 mod. I also make sure FH2 has pretty pictures on release days as well as some minor artwork stuff. I'm a big fan of modding in general wether it is fancy artwork or creative thinking within the limited box some mods are faced with their chosen game engines.

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Mister McBusy, that's me I suppose. I've been all kinds of busy the past month; work, FH2, health, social, requests, practically everything but my little big project Indie Game, Spitfires 3. That's almost true, I have had some time to work on those two goals I set my self. To learn how to use the Unity Game Engine, and to write the Game Design Document for Spitfires 3.

Unity Game Engine

Using the Unity Game Engine is a blast and has been going really well. Of all the game engines out there, it is by far the most simplest yet most capable engine I've tried out so far. With a help from a few websites here and there, I managed to learn and build a very rough prototype in only two evenings!

*wroooooooooooooommmm* *dakka dakka dakka dakka dakka!!*

Just recently Unity made a new version available with lots of cool upgrades as well as held their 4th annual Unite Conference with Unity's CEO David Helgason announcing some pretty cool features and Jesse Schell giving the keynote, both of which can be seen here!

Game Design Document

While forming the general idea of the game was relatively easy, writing the ideas out of my head and onto a digital piece of paper is relatively hard. It's also relatively difficult to brainstorm alone, not being able to bounce ideas back and forth between someone else. It's important to at least partially involve someone else into the design process of the project.

As the GDD grows in size and pages, it becomes more and more clearer to me that the size of the project is quite a bit bigger than what I had originally planned, but instead of removing features and downsizing the project, I've decided to split its development into two phases.

Phase 1: The Gears

Phase 1 focuses on the core mechanics of the game, the aircraft flying, shooting, bombing, destroying targets & achieving objectives. A simple game mode (which I'll go into details on later), two aircrafts to choose from, basically setting the stage for Phase 2.

Phase 2: The Stories

In Phase 2 I want to deliver more content, including a progressive campaign, some special missions and side stories, more aircraft's, more targets, more mission variety etc. Upon finishing The Stories, I will consider the project finished and most likely move on to other stuff. There are some ideas of a Phase 3, focusing on Multiplayer but I guess, time can only tell.

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