A nerd that likes to waste his life. Simply put I play all the soul destroying games such as World of Warcraft. I like to sit down with massive RPGs and lose 100 hours of my life. Of course I wouldn't be here if that was all I liked...I want to work for Blizzard Entertainment in California or Valve in Seattle. For those of you wondering I will likely be exclusively working with the Source Engine and creating content in the SDK. See you later.

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Hi everyone.

Had some issues with moddb and it's video uploading so I have now decided to simply embed it here.
This is just a quick tour of a new map that me and my friend are doing in the Source SDK. This map has no props or texturing or lighting beyond the basics. The map is UNFINISHED in it's current state.

Hope you enjoy it :)


Really impressive amount of work in there. It's really easy to see that you put a lot of thought in there and that's definitely a good sign.

What I'm a little concerned about is the level of detail you put into everything. It's definitely good to start that way, but I think that level design is quite similar to creating a painting in some parts. If you work on the painting for weeks and weeks and make everything as detailed as possible, there is a certain point where it's simply too much for the eye to handle. Having a few parts that are not fully worked out is necessary for the eye to rest. You already did that with a non-playable area and I think you can add more of that here and there. Adding some simple shapes with an interesting enough contour to look at for a second or two for the background can make a big deal.

BUT, as your map is still a WIP, 99% of what I just said might not even fit for your final map. There are a lot of ways to create a good level design and I'm looking forward to what road you choose, you're definitely on a good one.

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