A nerd that likes to waste his life. Simply put I play all the soul destroying games such as World of Warcraft. I like to sit down with massive RPGs and lose 100 hours of my life. Of course I wouldn't be here if that was all I liked...I want to work for Blizzard Entertainment in California or Valve in Seattle. For those of you wondering I will likely be exclusively working with the Source Engine and creating content in the SDK. See you later.

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Kind of ironic that I post this considering that source was the very engine that I began mapping with. The engine certainly aged well but...every time I try to do something, every time I try to make something that could be called good. The engine holds me back.

Enter Unreal.

Unreal is complicated. So so complicated. I can't do anything other than make simple cubes. However; Unreal is the way forward. For me anyway. This year likely marks the last year I will ever use source. I sincerely hope that it gets updated properly. It should. It deserves it.

Once Valve update it, it will be make or break. If it remains fundamentally unchanged then I will stop using it. It's up to me to actually do work to make myself learn Unreal. There are a lot less tutorials but...I think that I'll managed it. My future career path depends on it.

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