A nerd that likes to waste his life. Simply put I play all the soul destroying games such as World of Warcraft. I like to sit down with massive RPGs and lose 100 hours of my life. Of course I wouldn't be here if that was all I liked...I want to work for Blizzard Entertainment in California or Valve in Seattle. For those of you wondering I will likely be exclusively working with the Source Engine and creating content in the SDK. See you later.

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Well it's been a while hasn't it ModDB? Been busy with things. Amongst them was deciding to fully abandon the Unreal Engine in favor of the tried and true Source engine due to the sheer fact that I love it. When Portal 2 came out I was first one in the nearest city to my house to buy a copy. On playing it...let's just say I won't be changing off of source for a long time.

I'm currently putting the final brushwork into a map I'm doing collaboratively with a friend. Once the brushwork is done I'm going to start adding proper texturing and lighting along with many detail passes along the way. It's currently one of the largest maps I've made in the SDK sitting at around 6000x4600 with much still to be done. We have decided to make an extension and turn it in to a 2 map project. And why not?

When the brushwork is done. Expect a video up here showing it :)

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