I'm passionate about gaming and have been doing it ever since 1996 when I got the PS1. I've been modding ever since late 2006 (almost a 10 year gap). My first ever mod was Desert Region for Morrowind. I tried modding for Half-Life but it's not for me. I focus mainly on my Desert Region mod series which will end after Desert Region 3 and I have plans for an indie game in the future. Watch this space...

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As we are nearing the magical release date of DR2, I thought it was time to post an update on my current plans.

Firstly, DR2 will be released on the 12/12/12 and I'm really happy to say that development has been going very smoothly. Because of technical problems with the third storyline, I regret that the world would not be as big as originally planned, BUT it would be a reasonably sized world which should keep all of you occupied for several hours. I'm aiming for around 5-6 hours of gameplay in this mod with over 100 quests to keep you occupied.

I will work on the indie iPhone game after the release of DR2. Once significant progress is made, details on the project will be revealed. I will also focus on fixing up DR1 and after DR1 is finished and released, DR3 for Oblivion will be started.

However, after much thought, DR3 will definitely be the last DR mod. After much planning, I found out that with the written ending, there is nothing else I could do with the Redchurch Temple or the characters. I feel that it's better to end it after a trilogy and make it go out with a bang, rather than drag on the series like a dead horse and have nothing else to say. I will miss DR when it ends and I appreciate the massive support that I've been getting from everyone here. Without all of your support, I wouldn't even have the courage to go out and make an indie game.

Yes, the project is riskier and I have massive competition from the likes of Angry Birds and Temple Run but I am determined to make it happen. I will be back soon with another update, hopefully when we will be closer to the DR2 release date!


It's sad that DR will end but I can see that you're confident that you will make it big in the commercial industry. But please don't fight against the birds. I can't see you making such an awful game as AB. Whatever your game will be, it could very much beat AB right out of the park. If the game has such character development and storyline as desert region, then coupled with great gameplay, you can make a complete masterpiece.

Also, casual gamers obviously have no taste whatsoever so it's better to target the infinity blade crowd instead. Just my two cents.

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Envy Author

AB is awful but the developers have spent hundreds of thousands of pounds on marketing and making people believe its the best game ever (in reality it's boring as hell). I could learn from their ways.

And the end of DR will not mean the end of it entirely. It just means I want to stop making mods for future TES games. I don't see why I can't make new storylines in DR1 for morrowind as a side project because I love the game. That's what I meant. New storylines are not ruled out. And anyway, it is years away, I've yet to finish DR2 and before you ask, there's little left to do!

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Envy Author

But jetpack joyride is Awesome! I'm going to take a bit of inspiration from it... :P

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