I'm passionate about gaming and have been doing it ever since 1996 when I got the PS1. I've been modding ever since late 2006 (almost a 10 year gap). My first ever mod was Desert Region for Morrowind. I tried modding for Half-Life but it's not for me. I focus mainly on my Desert Region mod series which will end after Desert Region 3 and I have plans for an indie game in the future. Watch this space...

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Desert Region 2 will be finished this year on the 12/12/2012. So I guess you are wondering what will happen after that?

Well, I plan to update Desert Region 1 as many new quests have been made for the mod. Also, I admit that the first DR mod is confusing and daunting so that's why I'm updating it after DR2 is finished. It should take a few months, maybe maximum half a year for me to do that.

Next, I have an indie game for the iPhone planned to be started on when I finish DR2. Full details will come closer to the date. All I can say is that it will run on the UDK and some elements of the game will be close to DR...

Two more installments of Desert Region are already planned for Oblivion and Skyrim. After the first Desert region mod has its super final update released on moddb, I will then focus on the third installment of the mod series.

That's it for now! Watch this space for further updates...

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