When I was a kid, all I had was a crummy Mac computer with a disk called Mac Action games. On this disk, there was Gold Digger (which is kind of a total rip-off of loderunner), Catacombs, Wolfenstein 3D, Space Station: Pheta, and other games of the like. All of these games had level editors that I would use to create my own levels that I could enjoy watching other people play. I became the entertainer, and that brought me immense joy. Later I would move on to making levels for Jazz Jackrabbit, move on to making RPG's on RPG Maker 2000, and finally found my way to making stand-alone games, opposed of mods. That's not to say that I don't still mod. That's what I'm doing here, is modding. I still, from time to time, dabble in Doom 2 modding, Half-Life modding (to a tiny extent) and Half-Life 2 modding (of which I'm actually hardly good at, and I am still trying to learn how to better my knowledge of that base). I hope that I am greeted here with open arms, as I would accept you.

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